I have no idea who wrote this but it surely is powerful!

“In 1979, I was managing a Wendy’s in Port Richey, Florida. Unlike today, staffing was never a real problem, but I was searching for a someone to work three hours a day only at lunch. I went thru all my applications and most were all looking for full time or at least 20 hours per week. I found one however, buried at the bottom of a four-inch stack that was only looking for lunch part-time. His name was Nicky. Hadn’t met him but thought I would give him a call and see if he could stop by for an interview. When I called, he wasn’t in but his mom said she would make sure he would be there.

LAt the accorded time, Nicky walked in. One of those moments when my heart went in my throat. Nicky had Downs Syndrome. His physical appearance was a giveaway and his speech only reinforced the obvious. I was young and sheltered. Had never interacted on a professional level with a developmentally disabled person. I had no clue what to do, so I went ahead and interviewed him.
He was a wonderful young man. Great outlook.
Task focused. Excited to be alive. For only reasons God knew at that time, I hired him. 3 hours a day, 3 days a week to run a grill. I let the staff know what to expect. Predictably, the crew made sure I got the message, “no one wants to work with a retard.”
To this day I find that word offensive. We had a crew meeting, cleared the air, and prepared for his arrival. Nicky showed up for work right on time.

“He was so excited to be working. He stood at the time clock literally shaking with anticipation. He clocked in and started his training. Couldn’t multi task, but was a machine on the grill. Now for the fascinating part…..

“Back in that day, there were no computer screens to work from. Every order was called by the cashier.
It required a great deal of concentration on the part of all production staff to get the order right.
While Nicky was training during his first shift, the sandwich maker next to him asked the grillman/trainer what was on the next sandwich. Nicky replied,”single, no pickle no onion.” A few minutes later it happened again. It was then that we discovered Nicky had a hidden and valuable skill.

“He memorized everything he heard! Photographic hearing! WHAT A SKILL SET. It took 3 days and every sandwich maker requested to work with Nicky. He immediately was accepted by the entire crew. After his shift he would join the rest of his crew family, drinking Coke like it was water! It was then that they discovered another Rainman-esque trait. Nicky was a walking/talking perpetual calendar! With a perpetual calendar as a reference, they would sit for hours asking him what day of the week was December 22, 1847. He never missed.
This uncanny trait mesmerized the crew.

“His mom would come in at 2 to pick him up.
More times than not, the crew would be back there with him hamming it up. As I went to get him from the back, his mom said something I will never forget. “Let him stay there as long as he wants.
He has never been accepted anywhere like he has been here.” I excused myself and dried my eyes, humbled and broken-hearted at the lesson I just learned.

“Nicky had a profound impact on that store. His presence changed a lot of people. Today I believe with every fiber of my body that Nicky’s hiring was no accident. God’s Timing and Will is Perfect.
This Christmas, I hope we all understand what we are celebrating. We are all like Nicky. We each have our shortcomings. We each have our strong points. But we are all of value. God made us that way and God doesn’t make mistakes. Nicky certainly wasn’t a mistake. He was a valuable gift that I am forever grateful for. We are celebrating the birth of the ONE that leveled the playing field for all of us. God doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, republican or democrat or black or white. He doesn’t care if your chromosome structure is perfect. He doesn’t care what level of education you have attained.

“He cares about your heart. He wants us all to love and appreciate the gift HE gave us on Christmas, His son, the Savior, our salvation. His Son that was born to die for our sins. To pay our debt. To provide us a path for eternity. So this Christmas, let’s check our hearts. There is a little bit of Nicky in all of us and I suspect there is a Nicky somewhere in your life that is looking for the chance to be embraced.
Thank God for that. Thank God for His perfect gift, Christ Jesus.”

Copied from a friend’s page and what a beautiful story.

Published by Rocky

I’m a retired pseudo engineer/manager that enjoys gardening, woodworking, hiking, fishing and maintaining the lawn. Oh, and posting what I hope are inspirational verses and ramblings for any and all to read.

7 thoughts on “WHAT A SKILL SET!

  1. Wow. And the author of your friends page is absolutely right, we are all like Nicky, and we really need to see that, in ourselves and in all those that God brings across our path. And I do have to repost this! Thank you sharing this. Blessings!

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  2. love this. great message and example of how God has a plan for each and every single one of us

    and yes, indeed. we all have things we do well with and things we struggle with, but working together we can achieve great things

    even making someone feel accepted and happy…something, sadly, I can say the church needs to adopt well

    you heard the one about the guy who went from communion to the pub

    he dropped his communion cup and was scowled at, didn’t know where to stand

    he went to the pub, dropped his drink, got a refill, with a smile

    yes, the church needs to do MUCH better at accepting people as they walk through the door

    God doesn’t want us to stay as we are – that is how much He loves us, but we aren’t God and our task is to stand firm on the truth and love people as they are, just as Christ loved us as were when we accepted Him as our Lord and saviour

    i’m not that believes we should encourage people in their sin either, or celebrate it

    but we are called to love

    if we won’t be forgiven if we won’t forgive, i think it is reasonable to also say that if we don’t love, we won’t be loved

    Just my humble offering from my thoughts on this amazing article

    Andy B

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